Chilled Maté is committed to the ethos of working in a sustainable fashion in all that we do. We currently use a third party product from which to extract our drink however we have taken care to make sure that the supplier is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The benefits of this certification mean that the supplier is obliged to ensure that very high standards of social responsibility and environmental management are met. Should the company become large enough to grow its own yerba mate you can rest assured that we will do so meeting the same high standards.

Our carbonated drinks are sold in aluminium cans which are readily recyclable in most countries. We urge all consumers of our products to recycle the cans whenever possible!

Plastic bottles? No way Jose!

We are also conscious of the use of plastic bottles and their detrimental affect on environment particularly when disposed of at sea. As an additional point plastic is a by-product of oil and some of the major oil and mineral conglomerates wish to exploit the minerals contained in the lands lived on by some of the very tribes we support through some of our partners.