Meet the Tribe

Our story goes back some considerable way. The founders, Bryan and Paul have known each other for over 25 years. Their shared passion for dance music and interest in indigenous people led them on this journey. Bryan encountered the mate drink on his travels in the Amazon Jungle a number of years ago. After sharing his experiences with Paul the idea came upon them to make a drink in balance with nature and to do something positive from the monies earned.

In a world where there is ever increasing competition for land between giant multi-national conglomerates and indigenous people we want to give those people threatened a voice.

Here at Chilled Maté we feel that it’s important to give something back to worthy causes. The ones closest to our own hearts are centred around the ideas of sustainable living and respecting the rights of indigenous people. Since Yerba Mate originated from Latin America our initial efforts will be focussed on that region.

We are committed to giving 10% of all our profits to causes supporting the rights of indigenous people to live on their own lands without any interference from westerners or exploitation from powerful businesses.

It is often the case that commercial groups with vast resources at their disposal are able to take advantage of governments through lobbyists and engineer outcomes favourable to their own bottom line at the expense of indigenous people. As an example of this is the Matsés tribe of Peru. Whilst they have the right to live on their land the mineral rights to the same land and thus the legal ability to extract any minerals from the land have been sold by the Peruvian to a Canadian oil company.

Whist we’re not (yet!) in a position to be able to buy back the rights for the mineral exploitation of the land from the Canadian oil company Pacific E&P we can work with smaller organisations to bring awareness and increase support of indigenous tribes such as the Matsés. To this end we are are actively working with Acaté  Amazon Conservation to support specific projects. As the profits roll in we’ll share the details of the projects with you.

Be sure to check out our social media feeds for more details!this really is something that we all care passionately about here at Chilled Maté. We invite you to stay with us on this journey as we set specific goals in the future and we report to you on the progress within this area of the business.