Chilled Maté Flavours

In our initial offering we’re bringing Chilled Maté to you in two different flavours. Based on the reception of these two initial flavours we will introduce more to the product range as we develop. We may even invite you to participate with us in selecting future varieties of the drink - be sure to check out our social media feeds for more information!

For anyone who is familiar with the traditional mate drink as served in a gourd the initial flavour may come over as somewhat robust or indeed overpowering. There are several variations in the mate flavour and some of those can be quite powerful ranging from being somewhat bitter to quite smoky in its taste. Other mate flavours offer a gentler and more rounded taste which we find appealing.

Here at Chilled Maté we’re aware of how some of those more powerful mate flavours would be less appealing to the western palate. We went through the process of sampling several dozen different mate products and came up with a shortlist. From there we branched out to a number of friends and close family members to agree on the preferred mate of choice as well as making sure that the company providing the mate was doing so ethically.

To improve upon the flavour of the drink still further we are using a proprietary extraction technique which allows us to focus on the great natural flavour of the product whilst removing some of the less desirable elements. To that yerba extract we flavour the drink with a combination of fruit juices and or agave syrup to deliver you a premium carbonated yerba mate product. In short we have made every effort to focus on the intrinsic properties of the yerba mate and allow the core components of the completed product to shines through for your enjoyment.

The flavours that we offer to you are all carbonated and so can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Chilled Maté natural flavour

Our natural flavour is one of our favourites here at the office! Sweetened with a touch of agave syrup this simple yet clean and pure extraction allows the full and rich flavour of our specifically chosen yerba mate to shine through. The complexities of the drink stand out tempered by the agave syrup in a glorious and harmonious natural balance. This sparkling drink stands out as a great product by itself but may equally be served as a mixer drink – why not try with your favourite gin?

Chilled Maté Sicilian lemon and Brazilian lime

This zingy little number is sure to refresh your palate after a hard session down the gym or on the yoga mats. Combining some of the finest natural flavours from both the new and old world we have a drink in perfect citric balance with an invigorating texture and flavour. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as the initial bite of the lemon and lime caress your mouth and the yerba flavour eases away slowly on the back of your taste buds. A real taste sensation!